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Bombay Indian Restaurant

The Bombay Restaurant
31 High Street


Tel: 01270 214861

The Bombay is located in High Street, just out of the main town Centre in Crewe. It proudly boasts of being established in 1959, which presumably makes it one of the longest established Indian restaurants in Cheshire, if not the whole of the UK.

We went on a Saturday evening at about eight o'clock, we also did not have a table reservation. Initially we were worried that we might not get a seat, but the melee appeared to be caused by people ordering and collecting takeaways at the same time as people were turning up to be seated. The impression I got was that they were a little short staffed to deal with that type of influx and people were having to wait to be seated as takeaway orders were being ferried backwards and forwards by the same staff.

However our table was prepared and we sat in a corner of the restaurant. We ordered poppadums and chutneys whilst we browsed the menu. We had to wait quite a time before we got to order the poppadums and also had another wait to order some drinks to go with them.

The menu arrived and we studied the fairly standard contents which included Tandoori, Balti and Korai dishes and an intriguing house special of Kulshee lamb or Chicken, which unfortunately requires 24 hours notice.

We decided to go for the chef's recommendation of the following:

Poppadum and Chutney Tray
Mixed Special Starter
Bombay Special Musala
Mixed Bhuna
Mixed Bhaji
Dall Musala
Keema Vegetable Pillau Rice
Special Nan
Sweet & Coffee

We thought this sounded a little different and seemingly great value for 30. We had already started on the poppadums and so we ordered and waited for the rest to arrive.

The mixed starters contained excellent portions of chicken and lamb tikka, onion bhaji and shami kebab, with a large side salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and apple, orange and lemon. It filled a whole dinner plate and was almost a meal in itself. The meat was good quality and well flavoured the yoghurt and mint sauce was perfect.

The main course arrived and we couldn't believe two people were expected to eat that amount of food. The dishes filled the surface of a four-seater table and that was before the Nan arrived. The Nan bread was a very large round bread, which contained a sweet filling of coconut and perhaps other bits and pieces. Not the normal sticky Pershwari Nan but more of a compromise between a plain Tandoori Nan and a Pershwari Nan but the size of a dustbin lid.

Predictably we struggled to finish but did manage to do the spread justice. Of particular note was the rather pleasant Bombay Special Musala, which was a mixture of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and shami kebab in a tikka massala type of sauce. The mixed Bhuna was chicken, lamb and prawn, very acceptable. The mixed bhaji was a large portion of mixed vegetable curry, very tasty. The Dall was also quite nice but not a particular preference of mine. The keema and vegetable pillau rice was also very pleasant but was much more keema than vegetable. The mince was typical of sheek or shami kebab minced lamb and was present in copious amounts. Unfortunately there was little evidence of any vegetables in the rice, but the portion was excellent and impossible for us to finish.

The sweet was chosen off the ubiquitous glossy sweet menu. I chose the 'Suspense' which was vanilla ice cream covered in crushed hazelnuts. My pal chose one whose name escapes me but was a mixture of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, a sort of posh Neapolitan. To emphasise the value of the meal at 15 per head, the sweets were 2.50 each off the menu. Unfortunately I would have chosen one of the kulfi dishes but they were not available.

The service at the time seemed fine between courses, but as the night drew on we got a little frustrated as we wanted to return back to our 'local', about 20 minutes away for a last drink. So in the end we had to chivvy them along a little to dispense with the sweet and coffee courses. We settled up in double quick time and left extremely satisfied with the meal.

Verdict - A return visit to one of my favourite local Indian restaurants. As usual it lived up to my expectation and memory. I will put down the slightly frantic service to them being short staffed during a busy period, but it would be capable of irritating less patient souls. The food was excellent in flavour, quality and portion size. The whole meal including a couple of rounds of drinks and a tip came to 40, which was impressive value.

Definitely on the recommended list.

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Bombay Restaurant

Total Score: 65%
Quality: Average
Service: Good
Facilities: Average
Ambience: Average
Value: Good


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