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Thistle Hotel Restaurant Cafe M'Arca, Marble Arch

Thistle Marble Arch
Bryanston Street
Marble Arch

Tel.: 0870 333 9116
Fax.: 0870 333 9216

Wednesday 30th January 2002

I'm still on my business trip to London, and when I get back to the Thistle in the evening, I'm tired and my knees are playing up. I get to my room, have a quick freshen up and head out to find somewhere to eat. By the time I've walked the (seeming) half mile from my room to the main entrance, it has started raining, so back to my room for my coat and another plod back out to the street.

By now I'm feeling the strain and have lost any enthusiasm for finding somewhere to eat - the obvious option, La porte des Indes, I visited last night, and I feel duty bound to try somewhere else so I can write another review!!

I give up and trudge back to the hotel.

At breakfast this morning, the restaurant didn't look too bad, so I decide to eat there.

There was a couple in front of me waiting for the waiters to find them a table. They didn't seem to be having much luck, and wandered off after a couple of minutes - I have no idea how long they'd been waiting before I got there.

The head waiter caught my eye and gestured that he'd be along in a minute.

Several minutes later, the couple returned just as the head waiter came to the desk. He gestured for the couple to follow him, and told me they'd been in front of me.

I waited a couple more minutes and he cleared a table for me.

There was an option of help-yourself buffet, or a limited a la carte.

After I sat down, things started to look grim. I noticed the staff were gloomy, and although they were moving around, they didn't seem to be actually accomplishing much. I had to beckon a waiter to get me a menu and a drink - then had to wait several minutes before it arrived. I had to beckon another waiter to bring some bread and butter while I perused the menu.

The contrast in the staff to those that had been present for breakfast was marked. This morning, they had been energetic and personable - this evening they were unorganised and distant.

My starter of Smoked Haddock and Crab rilette arrived without ceremony, but by now I didn't care much - I just wanted to eat and get to bed. The dish was acceptable, but a little unrefined.

Main course of Filet Steak (rare) with tomatoes and roast shallots was served with a bowl of greasy-looking chips. The tomatoes were a little tart, and there were precious few shallots. The steak itself was, er, good in parts.

The total of just under 23 did not get augmented by a tip

Verdict: Poor. Let down particularly by service.



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Thistle Marble Arch Cafe Marca

Total Score: 77%
Quality: Good
Service: Good
Facilities: Above Average
Ambience: Average
Value: Good


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