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Saints & Scholars Cafe Bar Restaurant

Saints & Scholars Cafe Bar Restaurant
4 Altrincham Road
Tel: 01625 548144

Newly refurbished, this cafe / restaurant is informal, bright and airy. We arrived on spec at lunchtime and perused the specials board outside - interesting, but probably over the top for a working lunch.

Nevertheless, we ventured in to try a light meal. A couple of large glasses of the House Red, and a glass of Stella. Three of us opted to share a mixed garlic bread, and were presented with six pieces of bread - four with toasted Brie, two with tomato topping. A comment to the waitress that the mix was not exactly perfectly matched to three diners was met with a bemused shrug. 'Tis a good job both varieties were very tasty!

Cannelloni for one, a Tuna Melt for the other, and I opted for the Potato and Mushroom Korma. We were all well pleased. For my part, the Korma was obviously prepared using fresh ingredients, and was nicely flavoured - with ginger to the fore. Cappuccino and Filter coffees were fine, but there was a look of consternation when I asked for a Ristretto. What I got was a VERY large expresso. And very good it was too!.

When the bill was presented, we had to check the list to see why it had managed to creep up to 40. It was mainly due to the 3.80 charged for a large (250ml) glass of the (admittedly nice) house red!

I have no doubt that I and my friends will ensure we find the time for a more relaxed, and full scale, lunch here very soon, though we may pop in to the Ship next door for a drink beforehand!


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Update 2,

Update 3)

See our review of its sister establishment, Saints & Scholars in Didsbury Manchester.


Update 1

Seared Halloumi (without Proscuttio) and salad.  Very good.   Had a salsa dressing and the Halloumi was cooked properly (neither tough nor rubbery).

Wild Mushrooms and Coconut Rice.  Exceptional. Mushrooms were properly cooked (their concern about keeping the food warm was correct - mushrooms can get quite ropey if kept).  The sauce was creamy and flavoursome.  The balance of the Coconut Rice with its different texture, and coriander and other herb flavourings lifted the lugubriousness of the mushrooms making an overall delightful dish.   The portion of rice seemed small for the volume of mushrooms (no small portion for a "set lunch") but turned out to be plenty.

Verdict: I would have been more than happy to pay double the price for the same quantity as an evening meal - at lunchtime the quantity and quality was exceptional and unlooked for.

Dave Wardell

Update 2

Phil and I had lunch at Saints and Scholars Tue. 21st December 1999. Start with a selection of Garlic Breads - Tomato, Cheddar and Brie - Excellent!

We then perused the menu, but were sadly forced to concede that we really did have to go back to the office after lunch, and we would probably be expected to stay awake as well, so we couldn't really push the boat out and try one of the many enticing offerings.

Phil decided on the Canneloni, and I went for the Spicy Sausage and Mushroom Fettucine.

Phil was very happy with his dish, and I thought the fettucine were as good as I've ever had, and as good as I could ever expect.

Verdict: I really must take time out and visit Saints & Scholars for Dinner - I'm sure Margaret would really appreciate it, and I'd love the chance to try out their extended menu.

Sandro Melkuhn

Update 3

Mon 17th Jan 2000
Saints and Scholars, Styal

Phil and I met for Lunch at S&S, ostensibly to sample the "Businessman's
Lunch" at 6.95

From a surprisingly interesting selection, we both decided on the Smoked
Haddock and Avocado to start, followed by Pheasant in a Game and Wild Cherry
Phil couldn't resist ordering a selection of garlic bread - tomato, brie and herbs.
A pint of lager each.
As usual, the breads were delicious, and the Haddock and Avocado was probably enough for me as a main course. It was delicious - almost as good as Marg makes!

The Pheasant arrived, accompanied by a rather nice, and nicely done, selection of vegetables - carrots coated in mustard, parsnips, potatoes.

The pheasant was nicely textured, and flavoursome, but I personally found the sauce too strongly flavoured. My perception of this may have been different if I'd not had to steel myself to return to my "day job" after the meal.

Another couple of lagers, and a couple of coffees brought the bill to around 27 - double the notional meal cost when drinks were added. Nevertheless, for the quality and variety of meal offered, this to us seemed remarkable value.

Saints and Scholars is becoming one of our more regular lunchtime haunts - and I'm eager to find the time to sample the place for dinner!

Recommended - again!



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Saints & Scholars

Total Score: 68%
Quality: Good
Service: Good
Facilities: Average
Ambience: Above Average
Value: Good


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