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Hardwood Furniture from Sustainable Sources

Plantagenet House Restaurant & Bar

Plantagenet House
Quay Hill
Tudor Square
SA70 7BX
Tel: 01834 842350
Fax: 01834 943915

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This has for a long time been a favourite place for my wife & I, although we have never actually had a meal in the restaurant. We usually pop in during the morning or lunchtime for tea and coffee in the Quay Bar, which is downstairs from the restaurant itself.

The Plantagenet is a unique and wonderful building. It is medieval in origin and one of the oldest remaining buildings in Tenby. It is located on Quay Hill, which leads down to the harbour by a side root from the main square in the town centre. Actually, if you didn't know it was there you would probably never notice. It is located near the 'Tudor Merchant's House' which is a National Trust property of the same period which adds to the historic feel of the place.

On this particular day we went twice. Once at lunchtime and then again in the evening as we had previously reserved a table. At lunchtime, we had just been around the Tudor Merchants House, which is a fascinating pastime in itself. What perfect way to finish a historic tour than to take coffee and possibly lunch at the Plantagenet.


We went into the Quay Bar from the lower entrance on Quay Hill. The room is full of exposed original beams and stone walls. It is furnished in a casual manner with a mixture of different styles of easy chairs and tables. We ordered coffee from the bar and sat down to recover from our little tour. I was attracted by the Quay Bar special lunchtime meals that were displayed on small menu boards on the table. The choice was a tagliatelle in a tomato sauce, mussels steamed in a saffron and cider broth and something else which escapes me after the event, because I forgot to make a note at the time!

Linda asked for the lunchtime menu. This included speciality sausages, filled baguettes and other tempting dishes. In particular I was tempted by the fillet of cod in a homemade batter at 7.25 after my 'experience' at the Royal Oak in Saundersfoot earlier in the week.

However, I ordered the mussels at 4.95 and Linda went for the beef baguette and they were both excellent. The mussels were plentiful and there was a lovely residual broth to mop up with some fresh wholegrain bread. The beef baguette was lovely and fresh and the beef was top quality, tender with a real beef gravy.


We were inspired by the lunchtime food and couldn't wait to eat there the same evening. We had this time booked a table for 5 at 6 o'clock (because the children's menu is free before 6:30 when dining with adults, so that would save me the cost of two meals!).

The restaurant has a more formal an elegant feel to it. We ended up sitting at a table in the Window, looking out at Quay Hill. This was courtesy of a no-show, so we had the choice.

Whilst we studied the menu we ordered a round of drinks. I had a beer at this stage but was also keen to select a decent wine to accompany the fish main course that I was plotting. I eventually chose the Kim Crawford Sauvingnon Blanc 1997

For starters I chose the Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi with a tomato and herb sauce. My wife chose Homemade Pate and Bread. The children and our other guest (my sister in law) didn't need a starter as the main courses we had ordered would be ample for them.

For main course Linda and her sister ordered the Welsh Black fillet steak. Linda asked for hers to be cooked rare. I ordered the Seafood Mix of five different fish served with a sauce of my choice. I enquired as to what fish would be served and it was Halibut, Monkfish, Tuna, Shark and Salmon which seemed a rather pleasant choice. I chose a tomato and herb sauce to accompany this. (I slipped up here because I also had this sauce on my starter and I hadn't realised, which is not like me!). The children both decided to have burger and chips.

The starters came and both Linda & I agreed they were very good. I also tried the pate and thought it was very nice, course and rustic, served with salad and fresh wholegrain bread. I had three green gnocchi served on a bed of red tomato and herb sauce. The sauce tasted fresh and herby, but rather swamped the three gnocchi.

The main courses arrived and the children's meals were indeed ample for their appetites. The burgers were of a good quality but didn't have a homemade feel about them, which I would have expected from a restaurant of this quality. The acid test is that there was no debate about how they should be cooked. Also they were served with a rather strong cheese and with mayonnaise inside. It would have been safer to use a milder cheddar on the children's meals and also to serve the mayonnaise as a separate sauce because kids can be funny about that sort of thing.

Linda's fillet steak arrived which was a lovely piece of chargrilled prime welsh black fillet. Unfortunately it was overcooked and was at least medium rather than rare. My seafood mixture arrived and I found the contents variable. The fish portions were rather small and the halibut was a tail end piece. However my real disappointment was that they were rather dry. I actually wished I had ordered a single piece of fish, probably halibut or turbot, which I am sure because of its larger size wouldn't have cooked so dry.

We mentioned the overdone steak but declined a replacement as that would have involved a wait and cold vegetables and me eating on my own. Or else the possible fate of having all taken away and kept warm while another steak was being done. However, it was undeniably a quality steak, moist, succulent and tasty.

The vegetables were cauliflower, carrot and courgette, cooked extremely al dente. A little too al dente for our tastes actually, but not bad.

We decided not to have dessert and paid the bill of marginally under 90.

Verdict: Overall an excellent restaurant. Although a few indiscretions marred our evening meal a little, we were still suitably impressed and would definitely dine there again. Recommended.


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Plantagenet House & Quay Bar

Total Score: 74%
Quality: Good
Service: Good
Facilities: Above Average
Ambience: Above Average
Value: Good


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