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Restaurant Reviews, Recipes, Food, Eat and Drink News, Food, Eat and Drink Events, Discussion Forums

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Nooris Indian Cuisine

70-71 Ship St
East Sussex
Tel: 01273 329405

I have stayed in Brighton on many occasions at the Ship Hotel on the seafront. How convenient that just around the corner is Nooris Indian Restaurant. A quick inspection from the outside tells you that this is a slightly upmarket Indian restaurant with its clean modern interior and smartly attired waiters. Upon entering you are greeted courteously and shown to you table. You are presented with a comprehensive menu which contains a typical selection. There is nothing inventive about this menu so therefore the real test is in the food itself.

I have eaten here many times and I usually have the tandoori king prawn to start, which consists of large king prawn delicately marinated and cooked in the tandoor oven. The result is excellent and well worth paying extra for. Otherwise the tandoori mix is also worth trying, if you like a bit of everything, as I do.

For a main course I would recommend the chicken dhansak, which is excellent or the dayglo chicken tikka massala which is also very nice. Rice and breads are beautifully prepared and served piping hot and fresh.

The decor is modern rather than traditional and the service is smart compared to the average Indian restaurant. I would describe Nooris as a little more expensive, but the food is very good and the overall experience is slightly more upmarket and so warrants a small premium on price.

The restaurant always appears popular. Because of its location near the seafront hotels, it is convenient to eat at when staying in Brighton. Infact a number of the clientelle appear to be business people during the week. A table for one on such an occasion is no problem.

Verdict - Nooris is a good standard Indian restaurant that serves very good food. The restaurant is clean and the decor modern and pleasant. Service is helpful and efficient. Recommended


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Total Score: 65%
Quality: Average
Service: Good
Facilities: Average
Ambience: Average
Value: Good


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