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La Boheme

La Boheme

3 Mill Lane
WA13 9SD

Tel: 01925 753657

23rd October 2001

A friend had recommended La Boheme to us some while back. Today, a family celebration, was an opportunity to try it out. Situated in a little village just over the Warburton Toll bridge over the Lancashire Ship Canal, La Boheme was undergoing some re-development, so part of the building was under dust sheets.

We were ushered to our table, by a patio door, in a nicely decorated room - traditional restaurant style, and orders for drinks were taken while we perused the menu.

La Boheme offers an early-evening menu (6:00 - 7:00), but we had arrived at eight pm. There is also a Sunday menu. The daily menu is "Prix Fixe" at 14.95 for three courses. (12.95 for two) Now, at first glance, this didn't seem to be able to offer anything special - after all, what can be done for that sort of price??? However, reading the menu soon put a different question into my mind - How can they afford to offer this sort of fare at these prices. There was the beginning of a little doubt as to what sort of quality we'd experience.

While we were deciding, other diner's meals were being delivered, and the sight of these soon allayed my doubts - the dishes looked impressive, and the other diners' delight on receiving the dishes was audible!

Entrees: My daughter ordered a Provencale vegetable dish, Son selected Monkfish skewers. Marg elected for the Chicken and Leek soup and I went for the Beignette d'Haddock with a chilli sauce.

Plats: Kathryn - who is decidedly unadventurous in her eating habits, asked for the Sirloin steak, rare, but with only a little sauce. Lee ordered Guinea Fowl, Marg decided on the Fillet "Louis and Nicolas" - a Southern Comfort sauce (5.50 supplement) and I ordered the Magret aux fruits de Bois.

Wine: I was originally going to order a bottle of Zinfandel, but decided to ask the Maitre d' her advice. She suggested a Portugese wine, Duas Quintas. This turned out to be very nice - rounded and powerful, and ideal for our meal - even Kathryn commented on the wine! As this was a family meal, there was almost a "feeding frenzy" as each of us tried samples of the other's meals.

Kathryn was most impressed - she was most effusive over her starter - char grilled vegetables, presented on large croutons, topped with Buffalo Mozzarella and drizzled with a pesto-style sauce - we all agreed with her verdict of "excellent". Marg's soup was hot, flavoursome and nicely textured - we all agreed it could only have been "home made"! Lee's Monkfish was equally well received. My Haddock, strips of un-dyed haddock in a light batter, served on a bed of raddichio (?) with a sweet chilli sauce was superb - the flavour of the Haddock shone through the batter, which had no hint of greasiness or sogginess. What a superb start!

Kathryn's Sirloin and Marg's Fillet arrived first - Kathryn was immediately impressed, as was Marg - the presentation was "Nouvelle Cuisine" - but the portion size was definitely not!! My Duck arrived with Lee's Guinea fowl and both were equally proportioned and presented.

The duck was just pink - exactly how I'd ordered it. Kathryn's first reaction was that her sauce (which she'd assumed was going to spoil the dish for her) was that it was beautiful - the steak was tender and - most importantly - very well flavoured. The problem with steak is that, in general, it's an "average" dish which we keep ordering because, in the past, we have occasionally experienced what it should be like. This was one of those rare occasions.

Marg's Fillet, topped with pate, was also tender, well flavoured and generous. We had not ordered any side dishes, and were not left wanting! We all liked Lee's Guinea Fowl, though Kathryn thought the texture was a little dry. My Duck was also well received - even Marg, who cannot eat fat of any description, or meat which has not been cremated, was pleased with the little piece I found which I could strip the fat off, and which was from the edge and therefore "properly" cooked.

Desserts: Unusually, we all decided to have a dessert. Marg decided on the Crepe Suzette, Kathryn for a "Parfait Italienne", I went for the "Mon Bread and Butter Pudding" with Butterscotch sauce, and Lee, being a typical young man, selected the Assiette des Desserts - comprising some of each dessert offered.

Marg initially found the Crepe a little tart (!), but she soon adapted to it. My pudding was good - though I think I would have preferred custard rather than the butterscotch sauce, and Kathryn's dish was well liked. Lee, of course, had everything - so we could try them all as well. The Lemon tart was least favoured, but the profiterole was almost, but not quite, as good as Marg's - a rare feat!

Coffee, accompanied with what we can only assume were home-made chocolate truffles, was replenished on request.

The bill was just less than 107.00 without service charge. We all thought that this was remarkable. Given the quality of the food, the presentation and the environment, we can only give our highest recommendation. The owner and Chef, Oliver Troalen and the Manager Sue Meade have run the place for about a year, and are doing an excellent job.

Well done!

Sandro (& family)


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La Boheme

Total Score: 84%
Quality: Exceptional
Service: Exceptional
Facilities: Above Average
Ambience: Above Average
Value: Exceptional


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