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Balti Spice Indian Takeaway

Balti Spice Indian Takeaway

10 Hightown
CW10 9AN
Tel: 01606 837030

Balti Spice Takeaway is located at the top of the main street in Middlewich, almost next door to the Cheshire Indian Restaurant . I would not usually bother to review a takeaway but as this one is fairly local to me and I patronise it with some regularity, so I thought I would give it a mention

Balti Spice is fairly new on the scene and must be a worrying addition to the other local restaurant businesses in the area. It is obviously geared up to be a big contender and as well as selling takeaway food also sell spices, pastes and pickles etc.

The premises are immediately noticable form the outside and consist of a double fronted shopfront. Inside the kitchen area is on open view and there is a comfortable seating area provided. They even serve complimentary coffee whilst you are waiting for your meal to be prepared.

I usually take the opportunity to watch my order being prepared. The large commercial range is usually manned by two chef's, one preparing the rice and breads and the other preparing the curries. The breads are prepared in a commercial tandoor oven. The one criticism I have is that the ingredients, including the meat, chicken and cooked rice are not held in a refrigerator but are on an open counter waiting to be scooped into the cooking pans. Still, I've not suffered yet on that account, but it makes me wonder. If that has been remedied since this was written then I apologise.

I can't fault the service and geniality of the person serving. He is helpful and polite and offers a cup of coffee while you wait. Also there is enough bowls of Bombay mix around to keep an army fed for a while.

Recently the prices of the main meals also included, boiled rice or chips or a nan bread, making it pretty good value. On my last visit I ordered chicken dhansak, chicken tikka massala, aloo channa bhaji (potato and chickpea), pillau rice, vegetable pillau rice and two nan breads. The bill came to 14.85. I think that is unbelievably good value.

The quality of the food also deserves a mention. The whole family enjoyed every part of the meal and it was only the excellent portions that prevented us from finishing the lot in one go. Never mind, I had a subtantial meal on the leftovers the next evening.

Verdict - Excellent value and good quality. Locally the only contender in the takeaway trade (for miles around) is the Ganges Takeaway in Sandbach. The ganges has the edge in that it delivers, but for value for money and quality there is nothing in it. I'll be back again and again.


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Balti Spice Indian Takeaway

Total Score: 61%
Quality: Average
Service: Average
Facilities: Average
Ambience: Average
Value: Good


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