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Natural Yoghurt

This is a simple method for making natural yoghurt at home. Just vary the quantities for the amount required.

The finished product is ideal as a base for sauces to accompany Indian Food or to mix with fruits for flavoured yoghurt drinks.

It tends to be sweeter than natural yoghurt bought in cartons from the shop. The actual sweetness can be controlled by the amount of time it is left to set. The shorter and less set, the sweeter the final yoghurt. So for sauces etc, 4 hours at the required temperature, for a set yoghurt use nearer to 6 hours.

Typically for eating the yoghurt needs to be sweet and for marinating the yoghurt need to be a little sharper, so give it longer.

1 pint (570 ml) milk (any type)
1 large measure (about a tbsp) live plain yoghurt

Bring the milk to boil in a large pan. This kills off any of the bad guys before you start).

Cover the pan and leave to cool for a while until the temperature reaches about 40 degrees c. (A thermometer is ideal otherwise guess when it is gently warm to the touch).

Mix the live plain yoghurt in well, and stir in any skin that will have formed on the milk.

Pour into a warm bowl (non metallic container). Wrap in towels or something suitable, to insulate the bowl and keep in the warmth. Then place somewhere warm for 4 - 6 hours depending upon your taste.

Allow to cool and refrigerate well. it should keep 4 - 5 days in the refrigerator.

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