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Restaurant Reviews, Recipes, Food, Eat and Drink News, Food, Eat and Drink Events, Discussion Forums

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Hardwood Furniture from Sustainable Sources

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A Quick Introduction to Herbs, Spices and Aromatics

In the context of this site we mean that herbs, spices and aromatics are the leaves, stems, seed, flowers or other derivatives of plants that have a use as a food ingredient. Most commonly herbs and spices are used to add colour, flavour and aroma to either a cooked or cold dish. Herbs are sometimes used as the main body of a dish or are sometimes used in smaller quanties to accentuate other flavours. Spices on the other hand tend to be used more sparingly as the flavours are more concentrated, and also in conjunction with other spices and herbs to give the characteristic blends and flavours to regional and ethnic cuisine.

Use herbs and other plants with aromatic foliage to fill the air with pungent aroma during the summer months. Many ornamental forms have attractive flowers too and can be used to add a splash of colour to beds and borders. A few low-growing varieties, such as mat-forming thymes, can be planted in paving to release their fragrance underfoot. Many plants with aromatic foliage release their aroma after physical contact so plant them near to the front of the border where they can be touched or lightly brushed by passers by.

As an aside we also draw reference to the proven or alleged medicinal properties of many herbs and spices.


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Earth, thou great footstool of our God, who reigns on high; thou fruitful source of all our raiment, life, and food; our house, our parent, and our nurse.
(Isaac Watts)

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