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How to Choose Quality Kitchen Knives A good set of knives is one of the most important kitchen investments you will make ...

Looking Beyond Salt to Lower Blood Pressure High blood pressure affects about 30% of the UK population and according to the British Heart Foundation up to five million people in the UK are thought to be undiagnosed. Not only does the condition place your heart and blood vessels under strain, increasing the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke, but also increases the risk of kidney disease ...

A Balanced Diet is Not Just About Food Almost everyone these days is aware of the benefits of healthy eating to improve your lifestyle and boost well being in terms of emotional, physical and mental health ...

Food and Farmer's Markets Around the UK Britain is home to a wealth of regional food and farmer`s markets ...

Make Small Dietary for Great Results We all know that a balanced diet is central to a healthy lifestyle. Choose what you chew and you have the power to boost your mood ...

A Guide to North West Regional Food For a relatively small country, the United Kingdom has a very rich cultural and culinary heritage, none less so that the North West of the country. Here you can find a whole repertoire of local dishes and recipes ...

Expand Your Food and Drink Knowledge in 2012 As a nation, the English are true foodies, obsessed with the exploration of the world's gastronomic possibilities in a quest to expand both our taste buds and our waist lines ...

A Guide to Catering Equipment, Essential for Restaurants Catering equipment for a restaurant needs to deliver, both in terms of price and performance...

Romantic Nights In So you and your loved one have some time to yourselves, and you're feeling a little tired from a long week at work; a romantic night in sounds like the perfect solution to an evening that might otherwise be wasted...

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A History of Coffee The importance of the humble coffee bean to today`s economy and culture should not be underestimated. Employing more than 200 million people worldwide...

Best London Restaurants for 2010 In the ever-changing world of fine dining and cuisine, restaurants frequently find themselves falling in and out of favour with reviewers, critics and the public at large...

Review of "1nfusion" Vodka Pomegranate and Blueberry drink Upon opening this vodka mix drink I was hit immediately by the fruity smell.

"Lick The Spoon" Handmade Chocolates A review of their "Signature Collection" provided for our delectation.

Gordon Ramsay's food magazine show The F Word is coming back - The well know celebrity chef and Michelin starred restauranteur Gordon Ramsay's food magazine show The F Word is coming back. Channel 4 are on the hunt for The F Word’s Best Local Restaurant.

Indian Restaurant Christmas Dinner - Freelance Journalist Andrew Rudkin explores the issue about 'traditions' and as a country, are we swaying from the traditional foods? History on the curry, Humour and an interview with the head of a Indian restaurant database.

The Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Cooking ...DILLI – the North West’s first Ayurvedic restaurant – uses traditional food ingredients that are known to nourish specific parts of the body and counteract or prevent illness.

Lancashire Restaurant Culture by young journalist Christopher Hammer

Home Baked Bread Using Bread Makers ...Breadmakers are a wonderful gadget. You can effortlessly produce superb quality bread, cakes and dough by just inserting the necessary ingredients and pressing ‘go’. I have had my Morphy Richards Breadmaker for about 2 years now and I’m a complete convert. As long as you keep a supply of the essential ingredients you can make superior bread on impulse.

The Indian Restaurant Menu Explained ...There is a lot of mumbo jumbo spoken about the Indian restaurant menu. We are led to believe that each dish is lovingly prepared to some secret recipe, known only to that particular chef.

The Great Italian Menu... A description of the courses, typical dishes and ingredients of a grand Italian meal.

Eatanddrink show you how it is possible to become a wine producer... Now here is a proposition for the serious wine enthusiast. Have you ever dreamed of owning you own vineyard and producing your own wine vintage? Now we can reveal that is all possible. We can show you how to rent a part of an winning vineyard in France. You can then buy the wines they make for you at the cost of production, collecting them at your vineyard itself, their warehouse in Calais, or they can deliver to your door in the UK.

Talisker Skye and Lochalsh Food and Drink Festival 18th – 21st September 2003. This September sees the welcome return of the Skye and Lochalsh Food & Drink Festival. Last year, over 1,500 people attended a variety of events and even included a couple from Texas and a lady from Oregon coming on holiday specially to go to the Festival's Whisky Banquet.

Sandro and Marg in Naples...Sandro presents a gourmet travelogue of his recent visit to the beautiful city of Naples.

Waiter! There's a fly in my soup! Not satisfied with your dining experience? The ins and outs of complaining.

Sandro and Marg Holiday in France... Check out the reviews of places we dined at

Bombay Duck is back on Indian Restaurant Menus - Hurrah! ...To the uninitiated, the glorious Bombay Duck may come as a small surprise. Firstly, it has not been available in restaurants for four years and secondly it is not actually a duck, but an imported, dried fish from North West India.

Bolton Market ...If you know of a local market which can boast the type of good produce I'm talking about here, let us know - If you don't, then give Bolton a try.

Opening of the Ganges Restaurant, Sandbach ...Anybody who lives near Sandbach and enjoys Indian food will know the Ganges Takeaway.  The excellent news for local food lovers is that they have just opened a restaurant by extending the premises next door.

Breakfast - Most Important? ...evidence that the benefits of breakfast depended on tailoring the food to the requirements of the person.

Caffeine Alert ...So, researchers have determined that Coffee and Tea - and other caffeine-loaded drinks - don't actually make you more alert.

Curry Additives ...In a recent study by trading standards headed by Sandwell Borough Council it was discovered that half the dishes tested contained excessive additives.

Hunter-Gatherer's Tale ...We decided to head towards Skipton - a town we'd been to once before which we'd enjoyed as the start to a few days exploration of Yorkshire

Luwak Coffee...Updated 9th July 2001 as a result of discovering the article is copyright, and further research.

Interview with Paul Hart ...Hart's restaurant in Leigh Lancashire is a consistent favourite for Eat & Drink reviewers, so we decided to ask chef and proprieter Paul Hart a few questions about how he approaches running a top restaurant

Persian Melons ...Persian Melons are just as sweet as European melons, but have a much "crispier" texture.

Supermarket Produce and Pesticides ...I'd say it is the consumer's duty to "educate" the supermarkets - indeed all suppliers - that we won't put up with goods which are cheap only because they're unfit for human consumption.

Red Wine - Good for You? ...Do you have any update on issues relating to red wine and health. If so we would like to keep everybody abreast of current fact and opinion.

Yoghurt - Wholesome & Natural? ...We are seriously disturbed by the amount of artificial additives in so called natural foods. A stroll along the supermarket dairy cabinet perusing the yoghurts (what could be more natural than yoghurt) reveals a frightening story.

Basil - One of my Favourite Herbs ...I leave the plant in the plastic sheath the pot is sold in, because it forms a nearly perfect mask - a quick ruffle of the leaves, then stick my face into the sheath and inhale...

The Standard of Indian Restaurant Food... Is there any difference in the menu and the food served across the vast majority of Indian restaurants in this country?

A Day trip to France ...A little Bar Brasserie, this was the first place we came across on this grey and drizzly day. Not having anything else to compare it to, we decided to try it.



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