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Breakfast - Best Meal of the day?

Thursday 16th September 1999

The BBC (Today, Radio Four) today had an article about Breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Although the researchers were obviously aware that this wasn't "news" to most people, they went on to say they had found that there was evidence that the benefits of breakfast depended on tailoring the food to the requirements of the person - examples were that a constitution lacking in iron would benefit more from a full fried breakfast, with its higher complement of iron in the meat and eggs, than from milk and cereal which would benefit someone lacking in calcium.

Personally, I always have a meal, as opposed to a snack, for breakfast. This is (one of) the reason I never get into the office early! I suspect that sitting down, at home, to a substantial breakfast has benefits unrelated to nutrition. The chance to awaken gently and fully, and to have a chat with the rest of the household must have a beneficial effect in reducing stress.

What do you think? What are your breakfast habits, and do you think you should, or could, change them, and why?

Let us know now.


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