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Restaurant Reviews, Recipes, Food, Eat and Drink News, Food, Eat and Drink Events, Discussion Forums

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Does Caffeine Make You More Alert

Does Caffeine Make You More Alert?

We all believe that a good dose of caffeine in the form of strong coffee, tea or even the more modern caffeine loaded power drinks give us a kick start.

So, researchers have determined that Coffee and Tea - and other caffeine-loaded drinks - don't actually make you more alert. It seems that the effect of energy and well-being is an illusion, and is actually just the effect of alleviating the withdrawal symptoms. As someone who has a Quadruple Ristretto as a nightcap, I think that even if they're right - hang on a minute, I'll finish this right after I've made myself an expresso!!!

Do you need a cocktail of Coffee and Jolt to kick-start you in the morning? Could you go "Cold Turkey"? Would You?

Let us know?


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In order to know whether a human being is young or old, offer it food of different kinds at short intervals. If young, it will eat anything at any hour of the day or night. If old, it observes stated periods.
(Oliver Wendell Holmes)

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