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Restaurant Reviews, Recipes, Food, Eat and Drink News, Food, Eat and Drink Events, Discussion Forums

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Promotion & Advertising
Through Eat and Drink

Can you answer 'yes' to any of these questions below?

What can we offer?

  • Do you have a business related to the food, drink or hospitality sector?
  • Do you want to attract customers who are in the food and drink consumer market?
  • Are you a restauranteur?
  • Are you a grower or producer?
  • Are you a supplier of goods or services to the food, drink, catering or hospitality Industry?

If you could answer yes to any of these questions then ask yourself one more question.

Q. So what can eatanddrink do for me?

A. We can help all of you to reach your chosen market.So promote your business on the web with eatanddrink.

Can you afford to let your business miss that important market?

Can you afford not to have a web presence when all your competitors already have? is rapidly establishing itself as a prominent food and drink portal on the web. People who use our site are all interested in food and drink. They include diners, consumers, suppliers, growers, producers, restauranteurs and event organisers.

Browsers return time and time again to view the ever changing content and growing directory of reviews, recipes, article, news, directories and links.

Partnering with eatanddrink places your business as part of a web 'portal' or 'community' devoted to the pursuits of eating and drinking.

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  • Banner Advertisements are placed in rotation in a fixed position at the top or bottom of most of our site pages.
  • Advertisement size is based on a standard 468 x 60 pixels and should be in .gif format, and may be animated. We also offer 'Button' Advertisements.

Advertisement Size


Page Placement

Banner 468 x 60 pixels Top or Bottom
Button 120 x upto 160 pixels Side

  • You will share advertising space with other advertisers and your advertisement display will be at random.
  • All banner or button advertisements include a link to your web site or advertorial page.


Site Location

Advert Size

Advertising Rate

Front page of site  Banner At current rate, contact us for details
Front page of site 


At current rate, contact us for details
Second level pages
(These are pages directly linked by the standard menu items on our front page).
Banner Only 49 per annum!!
Second level pages Button Only 39 per annum!!
All other pages Banner

Only 30 per annum!!
(The advertisement will appear on all pages within the group. For example the advertisement would appear on all individual restaurant review pages. This could be literally hundreds of different pages).

Compare these prices with conventional forms of advertising such as magazines and local press. You are likely to pay far in excess of these rates for one insertion. With Eatanddrink you get this space for a whole year!!

Please contact us to arrange

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You may not have your own web presence and don't feel that your business can justify the cost of developing and maintaining your own site. Yet you know you need a presence on the web because your competitors are leading the way.

Eatanddrink can incorporate a page within our site that is dedicated to your products and services. You supply us with the content and we will publish it.

Alternatively you may have you own web site but feel that your products or services would benefit by being featured within the Eatanddrink site. In which case we can still feature your products or services in the same way, but also include a link to your own site.


Only 99 per annum!! FREE initial setup.

Please contact us to arrange.

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Block Advertisement

We can also offer a permanent advertising space on our site. This may or may not include a link to your own site. It would be your choice. Because it is permanently displayed it is more expensive than a banner advertisement but all visitors to the site page(s) will see it rather than being served banner advertising on a random basis.

The sizes of our block advertising are the same as our banner and button advertising.

It is therefore a very cost effective way of securing a permanent advertising slot on a highly focussed food and drink portal.


Only 5 times the cost of a banner advertisement for the same site slot!! (But remember, the space is yours for a year - you do not share it with other advertisers).

Please contact us to arrange.

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Product Review

Eatanddrink are always looking for interesting, new or innovative products to bring to the attention of our readers. If you think you have something worthy of objective review on our site, let us know. We will be pleased to co-operate with whatever is necessary.

Please contact us to arrange.


There is usually no fee for this service!!

It will certainly get your products noticed.

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Event Promotion

Promotion in our events diary is FREE. Please email the details to us.

If you wish to organise high profile individual promotion then we will be pleased to discuss a specifc banner, block advertisement or advertorial promotion.

Please contact us to discuss the details.

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Site Sponsorship

We are still developing our ideas on site sponsorship and how best to benefit our sponsors.

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For all advertising, promotional or sales enquiries please contact and we will be pleased to help you.

Alternatively please write to:
1 Edge Green Street
Ashton in Makerfield
Tel: 0870 300 1702

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