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Majestic Wines

Hardwood Furniture from Sustainable Sources

EatandDrink - Meat, Poultry and Game Suppliers

The Natural Food Company

Award winning organic meats and cheeses from The Natural Food Company. Next day nationwide delivery. The Natural Food Company delivers fine Organic English meats and cheeses nationwide, direct from the producing farms. Fabulously flavoured organic products at prices similar to those of "normal" groceries. Organic food is proven to be better for your health, better for the environment and supports the very best in animal welfare... Oh yes, and it tastes out-of-this-world! has been created to supply the UK with quality meat products.

An alternative to the basic products and specifications offered by the supermarkets. We endeavour to make availabe the cuts and specifications that are not readily available. is run by Welsh Bros (Butchers) Ltd. Welsh Bros. (Butchers) Ltd have over 40 years butchery experience, in both retail, and wholesale catering butchery. The retail operation was started in Cardiff, where the company progressed specialising in wholesale catering supply. The company has grown to the point where we now have customers throughout South Wales and the West Country. We are confident that we can supply direct to your door cuts of meat that will be consistent in taste, texture and look. We can make available all the products that Chefs have requested for their kitchens. We have gained extensive experience, in supplying hotels, restaurants, brewery chains, independent public houses, universities, colleges and schools. We are offering this level of expertise to your home for your enjoyment.

Based in South Wales, we offer the finest graded meat, selected from discerning suppliers, from Wales, the UK and a range of Continental delicacies from Europe. All products are from the UK, unless otherwise stated in the product description

The products we use, are sourced only from approved suppliers, who have satisfied not only our highly stringent quality processes, but have proved to be consistent in the product that they produce.

Welsh Bros. (Butchers) Ltd currently have been approved to EFSIS higher level.

S & A Rossiter On-line Family Butchers

242 Prince of Wales Lane
Solihull Lodge
B14 4LJ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)121 474 2108
Mobile 07977 881318

Quality British meat and produce available for worldwide delivery.
Our beef, lamb, pork, poultry & Black Country specialities are of the highest standards.

Rossiter Butchers was first brought into existence 30 years ago by Vernon Rossiter, who had been a butcher since he was 15. He bought his first shop, in Bournville, from his ex-boss and it is now owned by his son Steve. The second shop was bought in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham and finally the Solihull Lodge shop. Vernon still works at the Solihull shop, which is managed by John Boone. Since John joined the business it has gone from strength to strength, making the shop one of the best in the area (and probably the country).

The Real Food Club

Michaelmas House,
Lower Lemington,
Moreton in Marsh,
Gloucestershire GL56 9NP
United Kingdom
Tel: 01608 650778

Charles Pearmain raises Gloucester Old Spot pigs, non-intensively on feed free of hormones, growth promoters or antibiotics. They are killed locally at a small abattoir (kinder and less stressful on the pigs).

Bacon & Ham
A sweet, dry cure is used on the bacon & ham and then smoked over split oak logs. It is then hung to dry for two weeks. All bacon & ham is vacuum packed at the smokery for safety and will keep for several weeks if refrigerated or it can be frozen.

Gluten-free Sausages
His sausages are made of coarsely ground meat & seasonings in a traditional skin. (No wheat-based filler so they are entirely gluten-free). These are particularly suitable for sufferers of Coeliac disorders or those allergic to gluten or wheat.

Olive Oil
Charles imports olive oil directly from the producer in Spain into the UK.
This extra Virgin oil is produced from the first cold pressing of Arbequina and Empeltre olives grown by small farmers on the slopes of the Pyrenees in northern Aragon. It has a very good flavour and golden-green colour. The Real Food Club is the sole importer of this oil into the UK.
The oil is packed in 1 litre bottles in packs of 6 litres for a delivered price of 32.64 (26.64 collected).

These are Suffolk/Charolais crosses and have been raised without any feed medication, hormones or growth promoters. These are going to be significantly larger than the Soay crosses previously sold. The lambs are jointed into packs ready for freezing and sent out fresh by next-day courier.

Other Items
Shipton Mill Organic bread flours and delicious air-dried Serrano ham.

Cowman's Famous Sausage Shop
13 Castle Street
01200 423842
(Half-Day closing: Wednesday)

(from the full article...) On the way we stopped at Clitheroe and visited Cowman's Butchers - renowned for their large selection of sausages.

We bought:

  • Venison
  • Pork and Fennel
  • Pork and Orange
  • Clitheroe Hot and Spicy
  • Pork and Chestnut Chipolata Pork

Their range runs to nearly sixty different varieties, including Pork and Walnut which contains no preservative, colouring or rusk, and is thus gluten free. Cowmans also do mail order.


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