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Restaurant Reviews, Recipes, Food, Eat and Drink News, Food, Eat and Drink Events, Discussion Forums

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Cheese & Dairy

British Cheese Board Recommended Cheese and Drinks Top 20

For some strange reason Jilly Goolden seems pre-occupied with Boddingtons in this list. Eatanndrink cannot see any reason why this one particular beer should be any better than any other. If it was up to  me, I would go for a light bitter of my choice.

1. British Brie and brandy

2. Mature Cheddar with Guinness™

3 White Cheshire and Riesling

4. Blue Stilton with dark cream sherry

5. White Stilton with cranberries and Champagne

6. Creamy Lancashire and cola

7. Vintage Cheddar with lager

8. Shropshire Blue and tea

9. Mexicana and dark rum

10. Medium or mild Cheddar and fresh English apple juice

11. Caerphilly and white Lambrusco

12. Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar with strong dry cider

13. White Stilton with apricots and medium cider

14. Wensleydale and Sauvignon Blanc

15. Blue Stilton with sweet white dessert wine

16. Yarg and Boddingtons™

17. Blended Cheddar with mustard and ale with Shiraz (heavily oaked)

18. Crumbly Lancashire and sweet cider

19. Hereford Red or Red Leicester with Boddingtons™

20. Double Gloucester and Riesling



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Drink moderately, for drunkenness neither keeps a secret, nor observes a promise.
(Miguel de Cervantes)

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