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British Cheese and Drink Recommendations

The British Cheese Board with the help of drink’s connoisseur Jilly Goolden has devised new ground-breaking cheese and drink recommendations for the British nation. “For a change, why not try British Brie and brandy or mature Cheddar and Guinness™ ” says Jilly.

The British Cheese Board has launched this initiative with the aim of raising awareness of the variety and diversity of British Cheese and to educate the British public about the most delicious cheese and drink combinations.

“People are always asking for suggestions on cheese and drinks that will really tantalize their tastebuds” says Nigel White, Secretary of the British Cheese Board. “Christmas and New Year celebrations are the ideal time to be innovative with the food and drink that people enjoy. By knowing the perfect combinations people of all ages and lifestyles can discover amazing taste sensations which they have never experienced before.”

By carrying out extensive taste tests Nigel White and Jilly Goolden have decided on a top 20 British cheese and drinks list , ensuring that there are recommendations for everyone in the family.

Jilly says of the number one choice, British Brie and brandy, “The combination is absolutely extraordinary. The brandy and brie seamlessly marry together, creating a soft, seductive, nutty taste which is ideal as a fireside snack.”

Other ideas include Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar with strong dry cider, white Cheshire and Riesling or mild or medium Cheddar and fresh English apple juice, perfect for younger family members or those who want something non-alcoholic.

For the adventurous, the experts recommend trying Mexicana and dark rum, Caerphilly and white Lambrusco, or why not end the meal with a sparkling, festive combination – white Stilton with cranberries and Champagne.



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